Black Uhuru – The Dub Factor

I came across this vinyl in a shabby second hand store in Kalmar of all places. The record is from -83 and packed with weird tunes. For those who are into sampling, this album has aside from legendary drums, a multitude of various sounds that will make your jaw drop and eyes pop.

the dub factor

Black Uhuru, check it out.


R. Stevie Moore Live @ Debaser

Oh my god, am I dreaming or did this gentleman just fall out of the sky and land in my face?

R. Stevie Moore

We went to see this rad lo-fi legend all dressed up in his pyjamas the other night. He may be old and a bit rusty but in the 1h repertoar he managed to take the audience, together with three youngsters, through a journey filled with fast punk, intense garage and funky bass jams.

Much love// #imwearingmypjtowork